Bietzen  is a small village belonging to the district town Merzig; we are situated in Saarland, the youngest “Land” in Germany, on the border to France and Luxembourg.

Hauptsach´ gudd gess!

Schwenker instead of barbecue and Viez instead of apple cider: this is Saarland´ slogan. Saarland is known for its excellent cuisine offering a wide variety of food ranging from home-style cooking to the (several!) Michelin-starred restaurants.

postcard: courtesy of Gerhard Kaufmann 

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property address

holiday home Exotis
Anna Schmitt
Fahrenwies 7
D-66663 Merzig / Saar
Tel. +49 6861 701222
Fax.   +49 6861 911598

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 49.4489588
Longitude: 6.643784299999993
49° 24′ 56.252″ North
6° 39′ 37.623″ East